Beauty Camera Filters For Streamlabs

FilterOnMe is a desktop application that lets you easily apply filters to Streamlabs. Simply select FilterOnMe as your camera in Streamlabs and you're ready to go!

Download and setup takes only a few minutes and requires no technical skills. Once setup, you can apply a variety of beauty filters to your camera feed.

Face thinning & shaping filters

FilterOnMe has a simple face thinning filter that is easy to use. Simply set the slider based on how much face thinning you'd like.

face thinning example

There are also other options for face shaping. This includes: jawline, chin, forehead, eye size and nose width.

face shaping options

Makeup Filters

FilterOnMe also has a variety of makeup filters including: foundation, skin smoothing, eyeliner and eyelashes.

Face Thinning For Streamlabs

Face thinning filters let you look slimmer and helps get rid of the camera weight. It is a great way to look your best in video calls & streams without surgery or weight loss.

Look your best on video

Available for Mac & Windows