How to apply filters to Google Meet video calls

Applying filters to your Google Meets video feed can enhance your appearance or add a fun, creative touch to your meetings. Here's how you can use Google Meet's built in filters.

  1. Open the effects menu: In Google Meet, click on the arrow next to the video icon. Then click on the sparkles icon. This will open the effects menu.
Google Meet Effects Google Meet Effects Menu
  1. Select the effects or filters: In the effects menu, you can select the filters or effects you want to apply to your video feed. You can preview how they look in real-time. There are three tabs to choose from: background, filters & appearance.

The appearance tab allows you to turn on studio lighting and studio look:

Google Meet Effects Apperance
  1. Enjoy Your Meeting: The filters and effects you've set up will now be visible to other participants in your Google Meet call.

  2. Adjusting or Removing Filters: If you wish to change or remove the filters during the call, you can easily do so by opening the effects menu again and adjusting the settings as needed.

Google Meet's built-in filters are a great way to add a fun, creative touch to your meetings. They're easy to use and can be a great way to add a fun, creative touch to your meetings. If you're looking for more advanced filters, check out FilterOnMe.

Using FilterOnMe with Google Meet

If you're looking for advanced and customizable filters, FilterOnMe is a great option that works well with Google Meet. Here's how to use it:

  1. Visit FilterOnMe: Go to and download the application for your operating system.

  2. Install FilterOnMe's Virtual Camera: Follow the installation instructions to set up FilterOnMe's virtual camera on your computer. The install instructions are available for Mac & Windows.

  3. Select Filters: Open FilterOnMe and choose from a wide range of filters. You can preview how they look in real-time. FilterOnMe has a wide variety of filters to choose from.

  4. Open Google Meet and Change Camera Input: In Google Meet, access the settings as described above and select the FilterOnMe virtual camera from the "Camera" dropdown menu.

FilterOnMe Google Meet
  1. Start Your Meeting: With FilterOnMe selected as your camera, you'll now broadcast the video feed with your chosen filters to your Google Meet call.

Enjoy enhancing your Google Meet video calls with FilterOnMe filters!