How to apply filters to Microsoft Teams video calls

Applying filters to your Microsoft Teams video feed can enhance your appearance or add a fun, creative touch to your meetings. Here's how you can use Microsoft Teams' built-in filters.

  1. Open Microsoft Teams: Launch the Microsoft Teams application on your device.

  2. Start or Join a Meeting: Either start a new meeting or join an existing one.

  3. Access Device Settings: Once in the meeting, click on the three dots (more actions) in the meeting controls and select "Device settings".

  4. Select Camera Effects: In the device settings panel, look for the camera effects option. Here you can access the filters.

  5. Choose Your Filter: Microsoft Teams offers a variety of filters to choose from. Select the filter you wish to apply to your video feed. The changes will be visible immediately.

  6. Adjusting or Removing Filters: If you wish to adjust the intensity of the filter or remove it, you can do so by revisiting the camera effects in the device settings.

Microsoft Teams' built-in filters are a great way to enhance your video calls. They're easy to use and can add a professional or fun touch to your meetings.

Using FilterOnMe with Microsoft Teams

For more advanced and customizable filters, FilterOnMe is a great option that works seamlessly with Microsoft Teams. Here's how to integrate it:

  1. Visit FilterOnMe: Go to and download the application for your operating system.

  2. Install FilterOnMe's Virtual Camera: Follow the installation instructions to set up FilterOnMe's virtual camera on your computer. The install instructions are available for Mac & Windows.

  3. Select Filters: Open FilterOnMe and choose from a wide range of filters. You can preview how they look in real-time. FilterOnMe offers a variety of filters to choose from.

  4. Open Microsoft Teams and Change Camera Input: In Microsoft Teams, go to your profile, select "Settings", then "Devices", and choose the FilterOnMe virtual camera from the "Camera" dropdown menu.

  5. Start or Join a Meeting: With FilterOnMe selected as your camera, your video feed will now display the chosen filters to all participants in the Microsoft Teams call.

Enjoy enhancing your Microsoft Teams video calls with FilterOnMe filters!